November 04, 2011

Western Conservatory is pleased to announce the release of a new curriculum designed to teach history, geography, and Christian worldview. Ancient Egypt, the mysterious land of mummies, Pharaohs, jackal-headed gods, pyramids, and God's mighty wonders, clearly illustrates the lessons that most effectively teach students that culture is never neutral.

As the oldest nation on earth, its culture has captured the imagination of the world for more than 4000 years, but Navigating History: Egypt will show you the Egypt you have never seen before. Discover the people and worldviews behind the mummy wrappings and hieroglyphs. Understand not only what Egypt was, but why it was, and what it has become. Master the ideas that ruled its society, religion, and government, and still haunt ours today.

Dr. George Grant, author of more than 60 books and chancellor of New College Franklin, has called these materials: “An enormously helpful introduction to the 4200-year history of one of the world's most intriguing and enduring civilizations... they provide a profound understanding of Egypt's past that very well may be the key to reshaping its future – and ours.”

The curriculum package includes:

Navigating History: Egypt Video Series
Ancient History meets Modern Adventure

This three-DVD set includes six half-hour episodes with behind-the-scenes commentary, 25 video blogs, the original soundtrack by Benjamin Botkin, and much more.

Follow David Noor, Steven Bowman, Chris Harper, and Isaac Botkin as they explore Egypt's history, from Pharaonic mythology to the Byzantine Empire to modern-day Islam. From on horseback to inside rusty taxicabs, travel with them across Egypt's ancient deserts and through Cairo's winding alleys as they provide a “hands on” approach to the subject matter, giving as much of the unfiltered perspective of global travel as possible.

Crawl the inner passageways of a pyramid, and test a new theory of pyramid construction. Learn how Islam swept the Middle East, and see what it looks like when it dominates a culture. Walk where Mark and Peter preached, and meet members of today’s persecuted Church. Visit ancient temples, and find out why God commanded the Israelites never to return to Egypt. Experience the perspective of global travel, and uncover clues to the Bible's chronology along the way.

All six episodes demonstrate how Christians can hone their worldviews, gaining a true understanding of history by focusing on the real influences that shape nations.

Navigating the Worldviews of Egypt
A Journey through the Mysteries of Islam, the Early Church, and the World's Oldest Civilization

This 220-page full color book includes stunning images, maps, and charts, and includes suggested reading and study questions for each of the topics as it follows the DVD episodes.

This vibrant, image-rich crash-course in history, culture, and worldview takes readers on a journey through Egypt's story, from Mizraim to Moses to Mark to Muhammad to Mubarak. Exploring language, government, art, technology, archaeology, creation and evolution, theology, the early church, jihad, Shariah law, and much more, this book provides the worldview tools to analyze not just Egypt, but any culture, from a Biblical perspective. Navigating the Worldviews of Egypt will equip students to comprehend and defeat some of the oldest ideologies in history, which still dominate the modern world.

History of Egypt: Timeline
Unlock the Mysteries, Learn the Stories, Master the Ideas

The glossy, illustrated 39" wide timeline charts the progress of the notable events and ideas in Egypt's history, placing people and dates into clear context. From the Great Flood to the 2011 Riots, the entire poster is dotted with summaries, pictures, and explanations of Biblical chronology, as well as a map of the Mediterranean, the durations of Pharonic dynasties and global empires, and additional timelines that zoom in on the life of Muhammad and the last two centuries of modern Egypt’s political turbulence.

A perfect companion to the book and videos, the timeline provides a visual reference to the ideas and events that are explored, illustrating the reality that ideas have consequences.

“I do recommend this to everyone who wants to learn and understand the magnificent story of Egypt.” - Dr. Mark Gabriel, former professor of Islamic history at Al-Azhar University and author of Islam and Terrorism.

This curriculum package is perfect for students, whole families, history buffs, or anyone who wants to master the ideas that have mastered the ancient and modern world.

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    Exciting! It looks wonderful.

    Don't the subscribers have a coupon for the DVD set?

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