Egypt is the land of pyramids, sphinxes, and obelisks. The land of Nefertiti, Tutankhamen, and Ramesses. Egypt's history and culture stretches 4000 years into the past—the oldest contiguous culture in the world. However, there is far more to discover in Egypt than just the relics of the Pharaohs.

Here God's people were preserved from famine and toiled in bondage. Here walked Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Mark Antony. Here came Jesus Himself, carried to safety from King Herod. Here the Gospel went forth in power throughout the first century, and here today are the Moslem conquerors.

At different times in its history, Egypt has been influenced by the four dominant ideologies of the globe; ancient paganism, Greco-Roman humanism, the Christian Church, and the rule of Islam. What better place to talk about the consequences of ideas?

Join the Navigating History team to explore the monuments, travel the countryside, and search for the answers to questions like these:

How could a primitive society build massive pyramids? Don't the long ages of Egyptian archaeology prove the Bible is not strictly reliable? What happened to a church that traces it lineage all the way back to St. Mark? Is Islam really a cradle of civilization? Why do some societies develop new technologies, while others stagnate?

Navigating History: Egypt is a 6-episode adventure history series designed to give you the tools you need to understand Egypt from a Biblical worldview. Episodes will be streamed live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from Egypt, starting December 1, through December 13. Each will be followed by live Q&A.

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